United 1 - 2 Crystal Palace

Todays game was an interesting one at that. United attacked with able possession yet fell flat on the front foot. Crystal Palace snuck away with their first win at Old Trafford in over 28 years. Couple quick insights:

  • For the first time in a while it seams a tactical attacking philosophy is starting to show. United have a usual sense of counter attacking and wing play. Today the beginning of the game saw the ground work of the philosophy that Ole is building.

  • Daniel James’ second yellow card in as many weeks was an another example of the fallibility that still exists in the beautiful game. Flying down the wing and strongly attacking Palace’s backline the defender tripped James by kicking him in the knee yet the Referee who was a few yards away clearly missed it. Lets hope this doesn’t begin to challenge James’ winning mentality. It shouldn’t.

  • Speaking of Daniel James, his second half goal was a thing of beauty. He has hunger, tenacity, and speed — the perfect addition to United this summer. I think he want’s that number 7.

  • The defense still has a long way to go. Simple mistakes cause the biggest problems and when you miss coverage or hit an errant header goals happen. We need more time between Maguire and Lindelof before we can even begin to dream of it becoming the likes of Vidic and Rio partnership.

  • Strap in, this season will be a long one. One where I will be constantly worried about Ole’s job security because of the lack of investment, among others like a lack of midfield, and confidences.

Rekola is a rabid Manchester United fan since the late nineties. It’s FIFA’s for playstation’s fault.