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Rekola Studios was officially born in 2017, but our first successful project was back in 2015. At the time, we produced a Wes Anderson inspired Save the Date for our wedding. What started as a fun concept, quickly became an inspiration that spurred the dream that we would be in the mix (as they say) and make, sponsor, and uplift independent filmmakers, one day. Although we didn’t know it yet, but our dream was new type of film studio— one using an incubator type approach.

Fast forward two years to 2017 and Rekola Studios opened it doors in SE DC. We started with a simple revenge story called OBSESSION that went into production in the Fall of 2017, eventually premiering in the Spring of 2018 on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. With a first minor success, we branched out more and grew in new ways, like the creation of the Capitol Hill Film Society and Film Festival.

In the early Spring of 2018, we had an idea— lets create a celebration of filmmakers that seeks to build our D.C. film economy brick by brick. The Capitol Hill Film Festival is a community film competition in Washington D.C. and the only bracket style (think March Madness) short film festival in the nation! Since 2018 we have five star reviews from our sponsors, filmmakers, festival goers and film lovers. Last year our second iteration had over 150 competing filmmakers, over 15 community business sponsors, and a near sold out audience. We’ve even helped festival winners secure meeting with major networks like Showtime, and have key industry insiders like Mark McKinnon and Louise Linton as judges.

Then in 2019 we cemented our roots as a new and emerging film incubator through unique approaches like opening a mini 600 sq-ft film studio on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. By opening the doors to this studio space, we will be able to allow local artists, filmmakers and photographers the chance to hone their craft and build their masterpieces in a dedicated artistic space. Additionally in 2019, we secured a minority investment in Sundance and SXSW winning filmmaker Jimmy Cummings’ second directorial project— The Beta Test, which begins production in fall of 2019. We are excited by our future opportunities and look to grow even more in 2020.