The Playground

The Playground is a workshop for film actors, directors of photography, and film directors to practice and refine their craft. Musicians and athletes practice every single day, and so should actors, DOPs, and film directors!

We run the Playground as a 4 week commitment cycle - Fall 2019 (September to October) runs on Wednesday nights.

What do we do in our meetings?

Before every meeting, we handpick a two-page scene and cast two or three actors to "play" a role.

We will then begin with a quick table read.

Then the director will then take 25-30 minutes to work on their vision of the scene with the actors, followed by a round of collective feedback by the directors. In the final half hour of the night, our director of photography will shoot the scene.

The Playground is a safe place for actors and directors to experiment, fail and succeed, and learn from other actors and directors.

It is a rigorous process that has led to tremendous growth in our members.

We're a community

We're here to help and support each other as we reach our own individual goals, and for that to happen every member takes an active part in the community. Some help by maintaining our social media presence,  promoting events and members, as well as organizing fun events for the community.

So, how do I apply? 

The Playground is open to any director or DOP that has directed or DOP’ed a short, web-series, or feature film.  The Playground is also open to actors who apply for open auditions to be selected for the 4 week program.